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Investigative Report: Association of PT Teachers PJ Rationalization Summit

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Ever wondered how almost everyone who went to high-school in India remembers cracking up over something a PE or S.U.P.W or Home ed or Drawing teacher supposedly said at class? Things like -‘open the window, let the climate come in’, or ‘ stand in a straight circle’ or ‘will the absentees please raise their hands’, or ‘Both of you three stand together separately’ and so on? Wondered how we all have the same stories? Wondered if there is something else going on behind the scenes?[readers- please share similar stories in the comments section]
Wonder no more, Dingchak’s special correspondent infiltrated the XVIIIth annual Association of PT Teachers Joke rationalization Symposium,held in Ranipet, TN, this last Dec, and filched a copy of the agenda.

The summit aims to faciliate brainstorming through both open-house, free for all Q&As, -sessions where sweaty PT masters and surly art-teachers guffaw, and signal their delight through the ritual slapping of thighs or their disapproval by making squelching songs with their armpits, and through closed door consultative sessions where novice masters can practice the art of deadpan delivery and post delivery- laughing student whack techniques. Votes for the more inane jokes of the previous years, to be retired are tabulated at the end of the conference and disseminated through the quarterly newsletter.
Here is a small part of the agenda that was left in Dingchak’s reporter’s hand after it was snatched at by a disapprovingly violent moral-instruction master.

-12.00 — Lunch
-2.00 –Group Nap
-3.00–Tea and Snacks
-3.30–Lecture: Tears or Laughter or both- what really drives PT masters? BY eminent educational psychologist, MariMuthu T, PhD,MA-PT
-3.45–SlideShow: The role of the Master-Clown in an internet enabled multiverse.
-4.00–Discussion: Current issue: Should NCC masters be allowed to make jokes in a post 9/11 world?
-4.30–Fundraising Tea: Contributions to the quartlerly PT-PJ newsletter
-5.00–community voting preliminary retirement List:
a.I have two daughters. Both of them are girls
b. Cut an apple into two halves and take the bigger half.
c. Dont talk in front of my back

-6.30–Cocktails and Exercises