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The Soviet Dingchak!

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The desi dingchak has competition!
A group of renegade cossacks have launched a counterstrike to usurp the mantle of the uber-dingchak, a russian threat to our very own desi-dingchak? you better believe it, this gang of multi-colored jigna interlopers in reflective clothing, abetted by a wily vulcan in a shiny blue satin suit (you have to check out the video), have launched their own blog called Dschingis Khan. I kid not.

Here is their intro video-
Dingchak in the USSR!

Again, I kid, not.

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Comment by Ramanan

January 22, 2007 @ 5:50 am

not to just be anal.. this is a German song… made to sound like 1970s Eurotrash like Boney M… I fail to understand how this can usurp our patented dingchak…

Mani Sharma, and Chakri will eat these guys for breakfast… and ask for seconds. Not I Kid.

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