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Where is Shabana Azmi now??

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Whenever there is a news event of significance -be it a bomb, an accident, a protest, a bandh, a diplomatic exchange between India-Pak, and so on, in the discussion that follows on the internet, there is inevitably an idiot who chimes in to ask “Where are Shabana Azmi and her coterie of pseudo-secularists now?” Huh?” Huh” Sometimes they ask for Mahesh Bhatt, at other times for MF Hussain, and sometimes they get horny or confused and sheepily ask for Mallika Sherawat throwing the discussion hopelessly off kilter, and the folks at Dingchak feel that this desified Godwin’s law is suitably ubiquitous enough now to merit a name and a meme of its own- and we hereby christen it Shabana’s Law. We leave it to the readers to expand on the meme.

To help simple minded readers and n00b netizens who are unsure whether the above questions posed are strictly rhetorical or not, we have implemented a cute little utility that provides them with an answer to the question “Where is Shabana Azmi now???” – We call it the “Where is Shabana Azmi now???” Tracker.We considered calling it “Shabana? Askme” -but feared the subtlety would be lost on the people using the tracker.

The “Where is Shabana Azmi now???” Tracker [Wordpress/Blogger Plugin and RSS feed to follow soon,Firefox extension if there is enough demand, will be considered], is located on the “cool tools” panel to your right (or just click here), and at any point of time, you can find out what Shabby baby is upto, and whom she doing it with. So track away fundutva-vadis, may this add another barbed bullet to your quiver against Ms. Azmi and her ilk/mulk. [For the readers of ultra-right-blogs like the shady warrior who also writes at Rediff.com, who might tend to go overboard and overload our dingchak.net servers, may I recommend the enhanced plug in-only $29.99/mo-unlimited usage?]
~dingchak team

How Dingchak is able to get you this information you ask? Our psychops team has been tracking Shabby with a chip we had implanted in her scalp when she was getting her Haircut for Fire. You no believe? We have photos-





For examples of Shabana’s law, from a random search on the net that took me 30 seconds, read the comments below the foll. news items-

On screening da-vinci code in India

Modi’s men and their mean machines-

islamic fundamentalism and sex slave trade in iran

CNN-IBN team hounded in AMU

On the recent bombay blasts


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Comment by dingchaksdad

August 8, 2006 @ 10:52 am

So, you asshole, where the fuck *is* Shabana Azmi? She\\\’s a serious sob-sister when Muslims are killed, but she\’s silent when Hindus are massacred. Can you spell \’hypocrysy\’, moron? She can. This is why she screams like a banshee about woman\\\’s rights, and then goes and marries some jerk who\\\’s already married. If she\\\’s such a practising Muslim, why isn\\\’t she in a burqa and pushing out babies every year? No, have the cake and eat it too. What a calculating bitch!

You too are a practitioner of the art. You are secular, but you proclaim you are an Iyengar. Isn\\\’t there something in the secular manual that says you should not be displaying your caste? What, you are hoping that by being secular you can get some secular chick to spread her legs for you? You want to impress some secular Hindu chick with your Iyengar-ness? Of course you wouldn\\\’t dare hump a Muslim chick because the brothas will come cut your little dick off, won\’t they? Fucking low-life bastard!

I dare you to post this on your site. I know you won\\\’t. It won\\\’t matter. After all, the only visitor you ever get on your site is me. After this one trip, I too am out of here.

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Comment by Vignesh

January 5, 2008 @ 5:12 am

Poor fellow up there… I wonder what happened to him… does he know what joke is?? Excellent work by the equal oppurtunity offenders here…

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